We are a Bespoke, ICT Talent consulting firm, with a distinctive Search Approach, in line with the Next Generation Digitized age.

Tortoise and Hare are far more than just a holistic talent solution to clients and candidates-we know that we help change lives with our talent solutions!

We also understand that transferring to a new establishment is traumatic for Applicants at the best of times, and so we help streamline this process by matching the applicant’s disposition with the environment of the new business they are transferring to as well as a “Boss Fit” check!

Our Philosophy is based on the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, “Slowly and holistically does it every time!”

Being that we only engage within our specialized ICT field, the calmness is here for both client and candidate of expert attention, knowledge and guidance within this arena.
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Tortoise and Hare is an ICT Talent consulting firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Have a look around and get in touch!